Elegant Healthcare and Hospital Signage and Graphics

Healthcare sector environments are highly challenging. We understand the demands upon them and will design, create and install signs and graphics that meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, medical centres or other healthcare institutions; and of the patients receiving treatment or advice in them, the staff working in them and the visitors to them.

Inspiring wall graphics

Corridors, communal areas, wards and bedrooms don’t have to be dreary, mediocre spaces. Liven them up with our custom-designed wall graphics and murals. Patients, healthcare workers and visitors can all feel upbeat and positive while on your premises.

Customised display equipment

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for healthcare display visuals. We’ll customise your dry-wipe boards, staff notice boards, memory aids and other display equipment to suit your space and achieve your aims. Short term or long term – we can help you with either.

Tailored signage and wayfinding

Healthcare premises receive lots of different visitors who all need to find their way around quickly and easily. Contact us. We’ll not just design, create and install signage, but also advise you on strategy, content, image and positioning so no one struggles to find where they wish to be on your premises.

Renovations and new projects

Starting a new project or refreshing an existing area of your premises? We’ve got your back. We have a wide selection of customisable graphics and can be there from the very start to help your project run smoothly from start to finish. We’ll advise you, design and tailor the graphics, create and install them for you. You can leave it all to us.

You’ll be placing your project in hands as safe those of our healthcare professionals.

  • Full service, from on-site visits and guidance, through to product installation.
  • Service recommendations that match your budget.
  • In-house design, printing and creation of products.
  • Installation UK-wide and beyond.
  • Full support throughout the entire project, including a dedicated account manager to answer any questions or address any issues during the project.