Stylish, Practical Floor Graphics

Stand out and achieve a practical purpose at the same time, with our customised floor graphics. Come to us for durable floor graphics that incorporate your branding and perform simple tasks, such as helping people find their way around, effectively. 

Safe, attractive floor graphics

No project is too big or too challenging. 

Whether you want long-term or short-term floor graphics for event, retail, exhibition spaces; for schools, colleges or other learning environments; for office spaces; for local attractions; for health care premises; or for other spaces; for indoor or outdoor spaces; we can help you. 

Choose from a wide range of floor graphic services, including:

long-term, hard-wearing graphics for high-traffic areas such as streets, car parks and commercial locations; 

short-term durable graphics for event spaces and other spaces (indoors and outdoors); 

glow-in-the-dark graphics for warehouses, underground parks and other dimly lit spaces; premium-feel floor graphics; 

carpet graphics;

easily applicable floor graphics for indoors spaces; and more.

You’ll receive tough, slip-resistant graphics. Most of our products have a slip-resistant rating of between R9 and, the highest, R13, and you won’t have to spend money regularly refreshing them. 

Work with our graphics specialists

We’ll advise you on the right graphics for your project and can design, create and install the graphics to make your project the success it deserves to be. 

Contact us for safe, high-quality floor graphics that do the job you want them to.

  • Premium-feel graphics
  • Short-term and long-term graphics
  • Tough and ultra-tough street graphics
  • Carpet graphics
  • Easy-to-apply floor graphics
  • Stick-to-any-surface graphics
  • PVC-free graphics
  • Glow-in-the dark graphics
  • Aluminium-based graphics